See Platypus in the wild at


Platypus Viewing Platform, 4434 Gillies Hwy, East Barron, QLD

Open 24 / 7

1 hour


Family friendly


 Getting to see platypus in the wild, one of the more elusive Australian Native Animals, is high on the Bucket List for many tourists visiting Australia.

Early Australian explorers first thought that the Platypus was a fake animal, some mythical creature made up to confuse. No one could believe that an animal existed with such an unusual combination of features; swim underwater, have a beak and webbed feet like a duck, a tail like a beaver, fur like an otter, lay eggs but produce milk to feed their young.

Seeing a Platypus in the wild is almost impossible, unless you know exactly where to look. Yungaburra is one of the those locations where the Platypus love to swim and are easy for tourists to spot.

At Yungaburra there is a viewing platform that has been specially designed so you can observe the platypus in their natural environment without disturbing them.

You can also walk across the bridge and down the track which goes below the road. The track follows alongside the Peterson Creek where platypus are frequently seen.

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See platypus in the wild at Yungaburra
Best time for this activity

Platypus are generally most active around dawn, dusk and during the night. However, you still may see them at Yungaburra during the middle of the day.

Driving distances

Yungaburra to Cairns – 1 hr 9 min (67.4 km) via State Route 52 and Bruce Hwy/A1

Parking facilities

There is a small parking area just near the viewing platform. 

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What you should bring/wear

Wear comfortable walking clothes and don’t forget your camera.

Wheelchair friendly?


More Information

There are several places down by the creek that are perfect for a picnic.

Some tips on spotting Platypus:
* keep noise to a minimum
* best viewing times are dawn and dusk
* watch the surface of the water for bubbles or ripples

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a platypus a mammal? Yes, a platypus is a mammal because it has fur and feeds its young.

Is the platypus poisonous? Yes, the male platypus has a spur (platypus stinger) on their back feet that secretes poison. Platypus poison claws are not life-threatening to humans but can be extremely painful.

Do platypus lay eggs? Yes, the platypus is one of 5 egg laying mammals known as monotremes.

Can you keep platypus as pets? No, they cannot be legally kept as pets in Australia. 


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See platypus in the wild at Yungaburra
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